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04.03.2011 - Last month during our 18 days in Tongyeong City one of the provinces in Korea had a lot to offer in terms of art and culture. Though it’s limited for us to see the technological side that Korea has to offer we decided to feature the motoring trends around this city.

We talked about one of their cars and that is the Samsung SM3 which hardly heard of outside Korea or for the Philippines when you talk about automotive machines. Discovering one car is quite interesting as the next one. General Motors or GM is internationally known to own the Chevrolet brand and in Korea it’s the owner of the Daewoo brand.

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Early this year GM is discontinuing the use of the Daewoo brand after acquiring it in the late 1990s due to the Asian Economic Crisis. Mostly all the cars that was released in Korea is under the Daewoo brand, and outside of the country all the cars that was under that name came out as part of the Chevrolet Brand. Beginning this year the GM Daewoo will be just known as GM Korea.

Most of the cars that came out in the Daewoo Brand, that was released outside Korea under the Chevrolet Brand like the Cruze, Captiva, Orlando, and Spark to name a few have previous names.

The Chevy Spark which was released earlier this year in the Philippines was known as the Daewoo Matiz has no difference but the name itself. The Spark is a five-door hatch back geared for the young professionals who aspire to own their first car.

During the trip in Korea we spotted one parked in a quiet street and we give you a close up exterior shot of the car known as Daewoo Matiz.

Though we are not sure what type of colors where released in Korea, but we got to see some interesting ones roaming around the downtown district…

Though we are not sure what type of colors where released in Korea, but we got to see some interesting ones roaming around the downtown district…

This is actually a third generation release known also as the Daewoo Matiz Creative. Everyone knows that this car was known in the United States as the Chevrolet BEAT when it first seen in the Detroit International Auto Show back in 2007. When it was officially released it had different names all over the world, but still will be known as the Matiz in Korea.

In the popular culture it was an Autobot named Skids in the movie Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. A couple months back it was promoted beside a mock up robot of the said Transformers film when it was being displayed in the local malls for promotions in the Philippines in February 2011.

This car has design aesthetics and comfort driving that you surely would give a second look at. Its trendy for the younger generation and for the professionals who would invest in car that would benefit to drive in small roads.

Chevrolet Spark is available in six colors and for more details log on at: www.chevrolet.com.ph

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