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03.30.2011 - Samsung has become a leader in electronics as well as home appliances ranging from mobile phones to washing machines. The industry leader in Korea has been known in different fields, which also includes ships and also automotive technology.

Outside the Republic of South Korea a few would be aware that they have been synonimous with technology such as computers and mobiles phones. In this country you'll see everything Samsung down to the cars. As you read this article that Samsung is also into the automotive industry.

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Teaming up with French automaker Renault, and they have unveiled the Samsung SM3 2011 last year. A model that has much to do with the Renault Fluence, the sedan version of the Megane III. Renault's sub brand for the Korean market Samsung bring their own cars to the Korean roads.

The new SM3 is sold exclusively in South Korea with a 1.5 liter engine 100 hp. It has five-speed manual gearbox and the option of an automatic four traditional type. Then there is the possibility of a version 2.0 Turbo with 200 horses of Laguna.

The 2011 SM3 equipment includes ABS + EBD, front airbags, side and curtain airbags, front Electric windows, central locking, stereo, alloy wheels 16 and 17 inches, air conditioning, fog lights, automatic climate control with air vents to the rear seats, boot system and keyless entry, power front seats, interior mirror photosensitive, power sunroof, USB port, cruise control, Bose sound system, and much more.

Note that this model Renault Fluenceversion will have much proximity to South America. It is a fact that this was assembled in Argentina, in Santa Isabel plant started last September, and its official premiere was in October at the Salon de Sao Paulo.

Samsung has definitely come a long way to becoming known internationally, and unfortunatley you won't see this car in the Philippine roads. The other models are SM7, S5 and their SUV car QM5.

Video courtesy of of Auto Cosmos featuring the 2011 Samsung SM3!

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