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03.29.2011 - The walk to Chungmu Marina Resort would make you sweat if the climate is in tropical condition.

For cold weathers in Korea that would be unlikely to sweat, but you won't be aware that you have burned enough calories already.

A bus ride will take you there for W1100 Won, and that's where the last stop for any bus except bus number 141. Its the other side of Tongyeong City's port area where the Marina Yacht Club is located as well as the Chungmu Hotel.

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On a fine cold afternoon you'll see also the Tongyeong Marine Sports Center for those into jetski's and other water sports. Its a definitely a huge place to just walk around and see it in a different perspective.

The large light buoy has its own history walking around the shoreline on a cold afternoon was a bit of a challenge for those who had lived in a tropical country.

Check out these sets of snaps taken earlier today and see how you'll find Korea is not just about another country with talented muscians, but a place worth exploring all over again... And again...

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ksy0410z said...

I'm kimhae airport 7-11 guy.
It's JKyeob.
Do you remember?
You written to me your blog.
Wow, your blog is very smart ^^

ksy0410z said...

Hello marky.
Do you remember me?
I'm kimhae airport 7-11 convenience store guy.
It's JKyeob.
You written to me your blog address. So, I'm visiting your blog. Well, your blog is greater than I thought. Very smart!

MC said...

Thanks JKyeob.

Just got back from the trip and i'm missing your country already.

There's so many places to go and meet people and it was a pleasure to meet you.

Will post a blog about your 7-Eleven outlet. Thank you for visiting my blog.

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