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04.03.2011 - The Ford Fiesta in the Philippines has been around terrains of the city for quite sometime since its launch mid-year of 2010. Its the car that everyone is dreaming of owning right now. For some who can't afford to own a car the smaller scale version will do.

Last year Ford had a special promo when they where still in the stages of introducing this car. They event came up with the idea of putting the real life car in a window type toy box, which for everyone's delight this was also on display at The 9th Philippine Toys, Hobbies, & Collectibles Convention (aka Toy Con 2010).

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The gigantic wondow type toy box was on exhibit to various areas like at The Fort High Street and in Greenhills Theater Mall. The blue colored machine was an attraction for ever spectator.

So much fan love that Ford even gave away the rare 1:18 scale diecast version of the Fiesta car to anyone, who would sign up or would LIKE their Official Facebook page.

For anyone who never got the chance or have the idea what the 1:18 scale diecast car looks like its the exact replica of the actual car. Made with sturdy material the 1:18 scale is detailed down to its yellow dipstick on top of its engine.

Its a five-door hatchback and the car won't be detialed if every door opens up. On top of its car has its antenna and the dashboard is exactly as the real thing. For anye diescat toy collector out there this car is really a rare one to own.

The rust metallic colored Fiesta has an awesome detail down to its fog lamps and taile lights in its exterior design.

Every part of it is seamless in design, and the paint job doesn't chip off as quality is superb on this diecast 1:18 scale of the Ford Fiesta. The seats are detailed as well and the interior design the actual appearance of the real car.

For a few people who collects action figures the 1:18 scale is the same size as any G.I. Joe. Some figures won't fit in depends on which one would be able to drive this awesome For Fiesta.

If you can't own the real one this 1:18 scale version is something to own for any diecast collector.

Though not being sold in either toy shops or department stores. You can aquire this through Ford's promotional events. Definitely Ford Fiesta has conquered the roads in the Philippines as well as toy shelves, who ever got the chance to own one it means this car is special.

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