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04.02.2011 - IP e-GaMES vENTURES INC. (IP e-Games; PSE-EG) has gone all out on Domination V, which is also its 5th year anniversary celebration held at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City.

Considered as the biggest single-day gaming event of 2011, this gaming affair promises to bring more online gaming thrills and be an even bigger event that Domination IV of 2010. The biggest gaming event in the country has been highly expected annually.

Domination V is definitely going to be one of the events with one of the biggest attraction.

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It has been an annual event since 2007 as Domination is breaking records in attendances drawing tens of thousands of gamers each year. If you have missed this year's festivities check out some early images taken in the morning. This also features Mach Diesel of SMU Toys, who was in town on vacation and his first time in Domination event...

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