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04.02.2011 - The Goddesses on Earth has now walked among us and one of them is Alodia Gosiengfiao as the new face of the brand. With her sheer beauty this is sort of a prelude to what we will see in the future. But the night belong to the Goddesses who brings you the new Axe fragrance of Provoke.

At Taste Asia in SM Mall of Asia the parade of the hottest women presented the new product that will bring forth the immortal beings unparalleled grace and beauty. They went down in heavely abode and lived among the men in the world.

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Axe Brand Manager Paul Diaz says “There hasn’t been a night like this, where we are all fortunate to be graced with the presence of amazingly stunning ladies.” and he added that, “The time is right for the goddesses to make a comeback.

These AXE goddesses will dazzle everyone through a short fashion show, roaming the catwalk as they had roamed this earth back then.

There might not be another moment in this lifetime where beings of such splendor can actually be seen, in the flesh! And we do mean, in the flesh. This is the time to bask in their presence, to see their faces, the glow in their skin, and absorb their auras, merely inches away from your own.

They will be looking for true hot-blooded males brave enough to stand in their midst. Are you one of them? Simply spray on some AXE Provoke, and shift the balance of power to your side.

It will give you that extraordinary edge to help in stroking their desire. After the show, get down and party with the goddesses! Show us what you are made of—it will be a long night of excitement, guaranteed full of the hottest women you could ever hope to see in the city, courtesy of AXE Provoke.

Goddesses on the Prowl

The Goddess Fashion Show will also launch the AXE Provoke SM Mall tour. These goddesses are ready to take the metro by storm, sweeping the cities one SM Supermarket at a time, picking out some lucky mortal men who will receive their very own AXE Provoke.

If you have avoided the supermarket for the longest time and think of it as a ladies-only place, think again, as you risk your chances of being one of the chosen few.
The modern-day goddesses are on the prowl! Thanks to AXE, you can now get your game on with them, and being merely mortal is now just part of the fun.

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