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04.01.2011 - Billiard enthusiasts and spectators would know how famous this sport has put the Philippine in the map with Efren "Bata" Reyes and Francisco "Django" Bustamante. Every year there's an international event, that everyone followed specially with the women in the spotlight.

This April 2011 Maxim Korea pays tribute to one of their own and that is Cha Yu Ram. The Queen of Billiards has been an international sensation. At the age of 23 she has captured not only the hearts of his followers in Korea, but in the Philippines as well.

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Though its unlikely you'll get a copy of the April 2011 issue of Maxim Korea, but we got excerpts of the translated interview to English of this hot billiard queen from the pages issue 94...

Curious about the lives of professional billiards player.
A busy day. World ranking points to enter daehoeman ttajyeodo 6 dogs. Here there is competition in the domestic total. Not a bit of personal time, there is a free mind. More will add another player.

After 10 years you look like? Would you like to be operated billiards?
Billiards player and has a longer life. Hopefully his administration only if after 10 years may have come from active duty. But I do not want to hit dangguman life. Is life not knowing who now work tomorrow?

What about income? Stay professional athletes to make money before retiring.
Less than you think. Living alone, because it might be a prize sponsor is necessary to have (laughter).

Concentration of the pit bull is great enough to hear the sounds heard. Is not it too modest?
Nickname is a lot of training amount. Stamina's not a good side coming down to training and put greed is often nangyeongwoodo.

Lee Soo Geun Yoo was transformed into the ideal man. Did the mainstream?
I'm not an interesting character who can distract me. Have fun, pleasant and warm person who I can smell. Good looks, then the problem is.

Good-looking, whipped the pool ceased you what kind of person?
- Oh, so difficult is the question!

NOTE: Please forgive the direct translation from the Korean site. The printed issue does not have English content, but published entirely in Korean.

Its unfortunate there where no Maxim magazine here in the Philippines, and the Korean edition just started last year. They say Cha Yu Ram always compete here in the Philippines for the nine ball tournament. This would be great to see her in action, and having this magazine signed.

If you have any friends in Korea ask them to grab a copy for you at W5,400.00 Won Korean currency.

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