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04.04.2011 - Wonder Con 2011 just wrapped up and thanks to close contacts based in the US we have exclusive photos from that event. Still fresh from its three day odyssey the event in San Francisco has been active, and also gaining fan attention but not as big as its big sister convention in SDCC. For every convention attendee one must be awestruck with the upcoming releases of toys, merchandise, movies and other sorts of media.

For this coverage we give you some preview at Mattel's show floor, which features their much anticipated releases of upcoming action figures from their DC Universe Classics toy line as well as the internet exclusives of the Ghostbusters at MattyCollector.com!

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There are several familiar faces from the old Super Friends cartoon, which will have its modern releases like Samurai, Black Lightning, and build-a-figure of Apache Chief,which was on exhibit at the Mattel booth. Most of them are over sized due to that some pieces are prototypes and not the final product.

The Justice League Unlimited figures also exclusives at MattyCollector.com was also featured as well as the latest Young Justice animated series, which will also have its own action figure line to be released this fall 2011.

If you missed some fo these awesome display at Wonder Con 2011 we got exclusive images right here...

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