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04.04.2011 - Green Lantern promotion is at all time high with the promotion of the upcoming live action film, that will be shown on June 17, 2011. DC Comics and Warner Bros. Entertainment was ever present in the recent Wonder Con 2011.

Be captivated with the awesome displays of all kinds Green Lantern as well as some freebies to take home at the booth. Mattel also will be releasing a dedicated wave of DC Universe Classics to coincide with the upcoming movie.

There where several rare pieces that will be released sometime in the middle of this year.

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So much anticipation has been building up with the release of the very first Green Lantern movie, since being dominated by Batman and Superman films in the past decade.

Wonder Con 2011 is one of the few conventions this year to feature and have a Green Lantern exhibit at the heart of the convention floor. Too much happenings going on during the past three days of the convention.

If you missed some of the exhibits from wonder Con 2011 check out these exclusive coverage from our friends based in San Francisco...

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