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04.05.2011 - Kidrobot knwon for its creative and innovative urban vinly toys. There where several licensed pieces where on exhibit at the Kidrobot booth at the recently concluded Wonder Con 2011.

The three day extravagant mostly had the the comic book talents at the artist alley. But the merchandise and the awesome toys are not far behind. With several key launches for upcoming movies or television shows the spotlight is boundless in the popular culture.

Kidrobot had a booth and they featured some of their licensed and original creations.

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From Dunny Dievas to the upcoming series 2 release of The Simpsons as well as the first series of the Family Guy. Locally in the Philippines you can get your hands on the original creation Dunny and the licensed urban vinyls at Secret Fresh and Vinly on Vinyl.

For more urban vinyls on display at the recent Wonder Con 2011 check out these exclusive photos from our San Francisco correspondents...

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