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07.14.2017 – In the Philippines local music is a mix bag of what’s popular in the mainstream. The underground scene is represented but rarely noticed by those in the mainstream that when a song or band gets noticed it’s already the past favorite in the independent scene, which is immediately forgotten.

In South Australia, it’s a melting pot of independent music that you can’t keep up. The street music scene is vibrantly alive coming from different influential cultures.

Then there’s the JQ Bros a quartet of young hip musicians that stand out...

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The JQ Bros just started jamming one fine Thursday at Rundle Mall. This place is not your average mall that has everything including the kitchen sink, but also street music that makes this place alive every day and one o these acts include the JQ Bros. They’re relatively unknown they don’t have a recording contract and based on the activity of their Facebook page they just started posting their gigs since July 2016.

But I may be wrong that they might have been playing longer than the age of their Facebook page. They’ve been playing for corporate functions, but at Rundle Mall, this is where they shine and perform even little kids appreciate.

Nobody sings in this band but they play mean jazz music that gets everyone involved. In case you’re at Rundle Mall you’ll probably get the chance to see them playing a set of feel good music for walking in shoppers. It’s been a while seeing a band perform and this is just some random time when I was on my way out.

If you’re looking for young talented band or your events, parties or what not you may want to get these young men a chance to play some good vibe music. If you’re interested for more about the band’s music and looking forward to booking them just LIKE JQ Bros on Facebook!

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