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07.16.2017 – Getting in a rush these days the best way to get around the city is to take a taxi. But what if this public utility vehicle is under time constraints to take you to your destination? Hot Wheels produced the Time Attaxi that’ll take you there!

There have been color variation of the Time Attaxi and for the 2017 release Hot Wheels produced a lime green and orange version. This car has already appeared in the videogame “Need for Speed: No Limits” last March 16th here’s a closer look…

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The Time Attaxi was first introduced in 2016 based loosely from a modified Toyota Crown Comfort that’s been a familiar taxi vehicle in Hong Kong. The soup up public vehicle was designed by Jun Imai and its initial release was in red which is the usual color of the taxi cabs in Hong Kong and Singapore.

Taking a look at the Lime Green version its appearance is now more of an American style New York taxi cabs. This would have been more interesting it came in yellow where the “Taxi” print would suit itself well.

Lime Cab Woes

Its packaging art is the same one used in the 2016 release only with a new color scheme and name print compared to the HK taxi cab markings. This has become less interesting that the right back door (more of that below) would have been painted as its body, but since its part of the interior and you can only slightly open it.

Under the HW City Works numbered 92 of 36 the bubble card is slightly moved that the car is easily removed from the card back. When you look at it closely and the name reminds you of the classic SEGA Dreamcast game Crazy Taxi how this car’s function is described in the initial card.

Right Back Door

The right gray back door sticking slightly opened is a rare gimmick in diecast cars nowadays. It’s a part of the car’s interior not matching the external paint colors. Just open the door slowly as there is already stress marks if you try to force it.

It’s impressive in how Jun Imai incorporates modification of the Toyoto Crown Comfort into Mad Max-esque vehicle with external front-mounted oil cooler, a bullet-style racing mirror and a normal mirror on the front passenger side.

Overall Time Attaxi is impressive with all the bells and whistle designed to the car, but not with the right color. There’s a possibility in the future Hot Wheels will produce it in yellow colors. Might suggest produce the Time Attaxi in colors of Taxi Cabs from all over the world, but the orange variant also released or this year is interesting since it appeared in the videogame exclusively.

"Time Attaxi" is released under the HW City Works also a for ‘Track Stars’ for 2017 numbered 4 of 10 and 92 or 365 overall in the series manufactured by Mattel for the Hot Wheels brand retailed at $2.00 AUD distributed by Mattel Australia. Hot Wheels is distributed and sold in the Philippines by Richprime Global Inc retailed at PhP 109.75 pesos!

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