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07.19.2017 – What Drives You? Usually its motivation, but literally if you have a good set of a soundtrack and the privilege to have a set of wheels you’ll be tripping on the way on your next trip. In this case “Baby Driver” is that one much talked about under-the-radar type of films. Ansel Elgort has a killer soundtrack and that kind of a car ready to rev up!

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It’s been months and the wait is almost over for some few countries with a set date for “Baby Driver”, but in some markets like Australia it has started screening Edgar Wright’s music driven film since July 13th. There are rumblings of good word in the street this film is really talking.

Mr. Wright has something going on here and earlier this morning he shared a tweet of the six minute opening that you might want to see:

This film is hard to pass up being a film that’s inspired from an idea of a very young Edgar Wright so many years ago. You’ll probably be thinking this is just some heist film, but for a certain degree after seeing the preview you’ll definitely putting together your own soundtrack.

“Baby Driver” is already playing in cinemas in Australia and it will be shown in the Philippines on August 2, 2017 from Columbia Pictures.

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