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07.23.2017 – In case you’re anticipating this year’s Shark Week then you must be excited to spend this JAWsome spectacle in its sea infested glory. Even Seal is not safe from being its breakfast-lunch-dinner moment.

To promote the week long event here’s anything unrelated to the event, but might be of interest due to the theme for ‘Shark Week’ with featuring one of Hot Wheel’s obscurely outrageous diecast cars for the 2017 namely the street beast, Shark Bite!

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Hot Wheels certainly comes up with unique and sometimes the downright extraordinary castings every year. For the 2017 series the sub-line has included the ‘Street Beasts’ theme of animals made into diecast cars that in the real world is not entirely street legal to even merit as road unworthy.

Mean Fish on Wheels

The Shark Bite was first introduced in 2016 as one of the new models that’s part of the Street Beasts theme. Its original color in metalflake blue with white & dark blue spots on top was the only variant for that particular ear designed by Larry Wood, currently a consultant for the brand well known for other well known HW cars.

So far there are three color variations of Shark Bite and aside from the introduction year two additional versions where released for 2017. But the appeal of a metalflake orange with chrome green tires doesn’t look like what you expect for a predator fish with wheels that’s un-shark about it.

Jaw Chomping Predator

It’s a rare thing for a diecast car to have a gimmick its either the doors open or you can open up the hood to see the engine, but jaw chomping action is one that works very well with Shark Bite since this car really… Bite.

The aesthetic certainly makes this casting one to look forward to acquire (for the right color). But for this third color variant its just right in dark gray and the only thing that doesn’t jive with the casting is the wheels.

Its entirely have bloody red tires using the similar wheel type with the first release, which is the only minor thing about this version and the black stripe on its back is unnoticed. Also pointing out how the red wheels reflect on to the chrome teeth making it look like its bleeding ready to chomp its way to its next victim.

Overall Shark Bite is one of those otherworldly castings that is must have if the colors are right. There’s no shark that’s in loud colors like metalflake orange with green chrome wheels. But this dark gray version is the best consolation if you missed out the 2016 variation that’s probably a rare find even though its entirely common.

“Shark Bite” is part of the 2017 Hot Wheels series numbered 04 0f 10 under the Street Beasts sub-line manufactured by Mattel, which was acquired at Big W for $2.00 AUD distributed by Mattel Australia. Hot Wheels is distributed and sold in the Philippines by Richprime Global Inc retailed at PhP 109.75 pesos!

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