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03.06.2017 – There’s something about expressive art that gives you the initial reaction and also the logical dissecting of ones creation. During the tour inside the Art Gallery of South Australia there’s a special screening launched last Friday.

This features Del Kathryn Barton directorial debut for RED a dark, intense, and surreal short film that have Cate Blanchett, who embodies a redback spider that something way farther from her roles in films that’s worth taking a closer look.

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It was announced that this short film will be part of the Adelaide Festival, which runs from March 3 to 19, 2017 and this is free admission to get the chance to see Blanchett’s performance empowering an Australian redback spider that takes inspiration in a savage tale of mating rituals.

A macabre of intense visuals that’s something interestingly unique takes on how these creatures mate through the performance of actors led by Cate Blanchett. For someone not exposed to this type of visually art and curious with bordering interest to something out of the ordinary this one is worth the pass by inside the Art Gallery of South Australia if you haven’t seen the trailer click it below:

“RED” directed by Del Kathryn Barton starring Cate Blanchett is currently screening at the Art Gallery of South Australia until 30th of April 2017 and admission is FREE.

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