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03.02.2017 – When you’re on the go with moving your things from point A to point B sometimes you need a little help. There have been storage movers out there that you can rent and in the world of Matchbox they also have that.

Utility vehicles like the Moving Truck are the convenient way to help you move your stuff when you plan to take the road and can’t bring them all. They’re reliable medium-size vehicles that can assist you what you need just like this one…

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The Moving Truck doesn’t say exactly which real world vehicle is based from, but the original description when this casting was introduced in 2008 can give you an idea what type of vehicle it was below:

You've been accepted into the prestigious Sky Busters Aviation School. Hauling all your belongings cross-country will be a breeze in the super-spacious MBX Mover. New school, new state and most importantly -- NEW ADVENTURE! Based on the Ford F-Series.

Short MBX Blister Card

In some parts of the world most Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars produced by Mattel came with long carded blisters. There was not specific explanation with regard to the short carded blisters. But in Australia the short cards are considered found and sold in supermarkets particularly in leading grocery stores like Coles and Woolworths.

There is no difference with the diecast car packaged in either long or short cards. Its just so happens the short card is rarely seen in other markets particularly in the Philippines. Most are in their long card backs. They are not rare just that they are also standard which is only sold in supermarkets in other countries.

You Have to Move It

Originally introduced in 2008 the Moving Truck has been produced in various casting up to 2017 with its new orange color. The only time this casting was not produced during 2012 to 2014. This 2016 edition is in red while its back storage is in blue with Japanese characters written on both sides.

The back door can be opened and its in grey revealing the storage capacity of the Moving Truck. The truck cab is based on the Ford F-Series it was not specifically known if it’s the latest edition of the F-350, but its possible that this is the twelfth generation of the said modified pick up truck for moving storage.

Overall the Moving Truck is one of the rare Matchbox castings that have a functional gimmick like opening doors. Mattel wants to keep producing quality castings ‘within their budget’ for the Matchbox brand, which sacrifices some paint details on some models that where produced. But the Moving Truck is one of those utility vehicles that stood out for the 2016 series and this would be the same for the 2017 edition.

“Moving Truck” is part of the 2016 Matchbox series numbered 33 0f 125 under the Adventure City sub-line manufactured by Mattel, which was acquired at Coles in Rundle Mall, South Australia for $2.40 AUD or PhP 88.80 pesos

Matchbox is distributed and sold in the Philippines by Richprime Global Inc now retailed at PhP 129.75 pesos!

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