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03.08.2017 – Volkswagen as a brand name has lived up to being known to produce the “people’s car” which is the iconic Beetle then continued to expand in other forms of transport. It has become a global company that definitely define itself with people.

For years the VW brand expanded not only your average car, but utility vehicles for people movers. Mostly these are commercial vehicles that help shape everyday lives one those vehicles unheard about is the VW Transporter Cab!

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The Volkswagen Transporter Cab was the second generation vehicle following the iconic Transporter, Kombi, or in North America as the Microbus. This version introduced in the 1990s as “Volkswagen Type 2 (T3)” that was manufactured until 2002, which was replaced by Type 3 (T4).

This simply a light vehicle is known for its utility services and other commercial use, which is adapted and produced as a diecast collectible. Matchbox has been known to producing license vehicles from Volkswagen and the Type 2 (T3) was introduced for the 2016 series as the “Volkswagen Transporter Cab.”

Gerry’s Bike Tours

The Volkswagen Transporter Cab is one of the new vehicles introduced by Matchbox for 2016 and it’s a utility service vehicle for “Gerry’s Bike Tours” in Beaumont, California. It’s the only color variation in light blue that was released in both long and short card. Besides the tampo that say it’s a service or bike tours it also says “@MatchboxWorld” a social media link to either Instagram or Twitter.

Besides the impressive details of the Transporter Cab, this one has a nice set of wheels to go with its simple look as a utility vehicle. The back has enough details to show you it’s a service vehicle, which also features a tow hook for you to haul in either a caravan or a flatbed.

Utility Service for the People

This Transporter Cab is just one of the modern vehicles based from the 1990s design, which would be great if Matchbox would produce a casting of its “Caravelle” version. But this vehicle surely would get some Volkswagen collectors plenty of time to enjoy its aesthetic design.

But it’s definitely going to be a challenge finding the variant of this vehicle that doesn’t have the mold of the tools at the back. Given that there are no other variant color other than the version without the tools at the back which has the spare tire, chain, and bag.

Overall the detailed Bike Tours looks authentic and the set of wheels for this new casting will definitely grow on you. Not to forget the tow hook to haul a Caravan and the extra gear on its back, which you can’t find in the variant version.

“Volkswagen Transporter Cab” is part of the 2016 Matchbox series numbered 95 0f 125 under the Adventure City sub-line manufactured by Mattel, which was acquired at Coles in Noarlungga, South Australia for $2.40 AUD or PhP 88.80 pesos. Matchbox is distributed and sold in the Philippines by Richprime Global Inc now retailed at PhP 129.75 pesos!

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