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03.12.2017 – Matchbox in the Philippines is commonly available in single cards and five-packs, but in some parts of the world they get a wide distribution with some going old school to the days when they where sold in boxes as originally is known for.

But they also sell three-packs for those who only wanted selected cars not available in single carded packaging like the Billboard Truck or the Mazda 2. These three-packs are interesting find if you know what you really like.

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The three-packs are mostly available in department stores and this depends on who really sell them. Big W has a wide variety of Matchbox products from single carded blisters, boxed version, and even the bigger scale heavy vehicles that where rarely sold in the Philippines. This is actually depends on the distributor if they really know their consumers. In Australia it’s a whole different market with the Matchbox brand.

Going back to the three-packs they are economically the most basic you can find in Australia next to getting a 5-pack. It’s unfortunate they’re limited to other countries due to the immense marketing push by Mattel to put Hot Wheels first as their main brand and Matchbox second since acquiring Tyco in the late 1990s.

Blillboard Truck

This looks generic utility vehicle as most would collect the exotic cars. But for those who have been nostalgic of the Matchbox roots this is part of the brand’s identity not limited to just sports cars. This is the latest iteration of the Billboard Truck since it was last produced in 2006 and that’s a full decade for some to forget this vehicle.

For the 2016 edition it just blatantly advertises “This is Mattel” with the iconic logo and its mascot on both sides with matching its current color. It says that Matchbox IS MATTEL and for someone who grew up knowing the brand it was originally manufactured by New England until Tyco bought the rights and Mattel ate them up.

The customizers would definitely pick this Billboard Truck, which is only available in the 3-pack and 5-pack assortment to make their own signage to advertise something else. Mattel should continue to produce this for 2017 sold on a single card, it’s a rare casting that deserves to be up there that they can probably produce a blank billboard.

Mazda 2

Introduced for the 2008 series and was last sold in a single card in 2011, the Mazda 2 was only available in the 3-pack and 5-packs exclusively. This current iteration is in orange with the ‘EX’ Express tampo sponsor on both sides with white rims similar to the 2011 edition with black chassis.

This version certainly lacks some paint application for the grills, headlights, taillights and other elements that would make this car look detailed. It’s unfortunate that they cut back on quality just like its predecessor. Matchbox should not cut back on those little things that made the brand known for, but then again this is just a pipedream that the next version would have better paint application.


This is the least favorite in the 3-pack that was introduced in 2002, which was discontinued in 2013 replaced by a new casting for the 2016 release. But when you look at it this limo it appears shorter than the latest version, and it still have some features like an open roof that shows some interior detail.

It may look off-scale like the Billboard Truck parked side-by-side with the Mazda 2, but you can’t find this version available in the single card. The downside of it is the color they could have released it with a brighter accent. But if you collect the odd ones this might be on your list of ‘must find’ especially when it’s discontinued.

Overall there have been several interesting 3-packs, but these stood out due to that they’re old castings that may never be released for 2017. This last set was found in Big W and the 5-pack version was never found. But when you rate it from favorite to the least the Billboard Truck was a good find followed by the Limousine, and the least would be the Mazda 2 due to lack of paint application.

“MBX Adventure City” three-pack is part of the 2016 Matchbox series sub-line manufactured by Mattel, which was acquired at Big W in Westfield Marion, South Australia for $6.50 AUD or PhP 240.50 pesos not avaialble in the Philippines.

Matchbox is distributed and sold in the Philippines by Richprime Global Inc. For more about the Matchbox brand and other Mattel related products LIKE Richwell Club on Facebook!

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