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03.13.2017 – “Baby Driver” sounded like a B-Film that would be easily forgotten, but when you have Edgar Wright attached to this you know it will be something to look forward to in cinemas. But who the heck is this “Baby Driver” that’s the title of a thematic heist film? Good question you just hit the jump and find out.

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The name is Ansel Elgort, you know the guy who portrayed Augustus Waters from "Fault in the Stars” (2014) or if you have seen the remake of Carrie you won’t forget him as Tommy Ross or if you’re a fan of the Divergent Films clearly Caleb Prior comes to mind. But he’s THE ‘Baby’, the fresh faced kid with the unique driving skills who chauffeur the bank robbers in Edgar Wright’s “Baby Driver.”

Deep breath, I know it was a mouthful of details there. But Edgar Wright got our full attention why this heist film is something looking forward to aside from the trailer that was just released yesterday.

Beside Ansel taking the wheel you got an ensemble cast that includes Kevin Spacy, Lily James (Cinderella), Jon Bernthal (The Town), Jon Hamm, Jamie Foxx, Sky Ferreira, Meryll Streep, and Flea. Now that if this list won’t you get excited then check out the North American trailer below:

Driving a RED Subaru Impreza won’t impress you, pardon the bad pun, this looks sexy and Wright who wrote and directed this film reminds you of another small film named Ant-Man, which is another heist film. But “Baby Driver” is a different animal that’s a very small film with something to be excited about.

When you got the right cast and a unique back story that involves fast cars, guns blazing, and a sense humour certainly this is something to see. This is not just some heist themed film it’s also musical too and why can’t August 11, 2017 be here soon?

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