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02.12.2017 – “What’s The Algorithm?” sounds like mathematical computation but its actually the title of the song that was recently released by Pedicab, a Electronic Rock band based in the Philippines. They released their latest single in the form of a music video last night that’s probably a first since it’s like an 8-bit nostalgic videogame.

For those who grew up with the nostalgic era of the 1980s you’ll probably get blown away with the concept of this music video that certainly delivers a PunchKick!

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The latest single from their latest album “Remuda Triangle” features an eclectic visual 8-bit music video that takes you back to the nostalgic era of classic videogames from the Nintendo Family Computer. Jolo Livelo, one-half of the PunchKick team lend his artistry in collaborating with Leeroy New of Aliens in Manila designing the bands helmets that represents their new image.

While its edited by Jei Marcelino along with Miko Livelo, the other half of PunchKick, who also directed Blue Bustamante and helmed the TV5 original series Tanods. The music video represents the band as characters in the classic videogame featuring the song “What’s The Algorithm?”

In this fictional videogame depicts the band as superheroes on a intergalactic adventure defining some elements of Japanese Sentai with the inspiration of a side scrolling shooting games like Contra and Super Mario Bros. This trippy visual old school vibe would definitely connect with the audience who grew up with this era at the same time give this generation something to appreciate about the simple 8-bit graphics that’s some can’t get enough of.

“What’s The Algorithm?” is included in the “Remuda Triangle” album, the latest from Pedicab. For more about the band and their upcoming gigs LIKE Pedicab on Facebook and follow on Twitter at: @PedicabManila

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