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02.12.2017 – Fire trucks are not as common in the world of Hot Wheels, but the idea and concept how they interpret it is outwardly how an emergency response vehicle downright fictional. But there are some where actually made into real life cars.

Take this 2015 edition of the 5 Alarm which is a soup up fire engine that could probably be made into an actual vehicle if you have a spare engine of a military tank and enough funds to design this into reality.

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There have been several iterations of a fire truck, but there’s nothing like a vehicle that puts out fires that have been powered up by an engine from a military tank. The 5 Alarm was designed by Kevin Cao, The idea of a rescue vehicle on steroids is part of why Hot Wheels is half fictional and the other realistic with their line of diecast cars.

It won’t be that unique if it was from a real life fire engine, but knowing that the design concepts in producing unique cars are part of the Hot Wheels DNA.

Thirteenth Rescue Engine

Introduced in 2009, the 5 Alarm has gone through several unique and sometimes outrageous color schemes. The most recent one for 2015 introduced a lime green version that seemed not the usual color of a fire truck.

But for those who have seen various color version of a fire engine this color usually can be seen as a rescue vehicle fanning the flames airplanes in the runway. You’ve probably not seen a fire truck that’s being used in the airport as they’re rarely called upon to take out the flames of planes with burning engines that successfully landed or made an emergency crash on the runway.

Shiny First Responder

The 5 Alarm is unique in concept and design which stands out as unrealistic vehicle that has an engine of a military tank. The chrome is populated in some parts of this vehicle that screams “bling!” for all its glory.

Beside from being shiny it still has a functioning ladder but it rises up and down in one direction. It would have been cool if the ladder has a rotating platform. But budget constraints have limited this fire truck’s appeal. But its something that slowly grows on you if you’re fond of fire trucks in all shapes and sizes despite this one being not realistic in appearance.

Overall idea put into this fire engine stands out but it takes to liking something out of this world. You look at it the 5 Alarm has its moments with a functioning ladder that rise up and down. It would be great if Hot Wheels had produced a large version that would be in scale with the standard cars, but small versions can be cool too if you’re not bothered about being off scale with the other HW cars.

“5 Alarm” is part of the 2015 Hot Wheels series numbered 51 0f 250 under the HW City Rescue sub-line manufactured by Mattel acquired in Australia which is retailed at $2.00 AUD!

Hot Wheels is distributed in the Philippines by Rich Prime and retailed at PhP 129.75 pesos. For more about brand LIKE Richwell Club on Facebook!

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