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02.28.2017 – Nearly 21 years after the original was released “Trainspotting” was a little unknown film that was directed by a totally unheard of guy named Danny Boyle that has an upstart cast that featured a young skinny Ewan McGregor with four other fresh aced talents ready to take this film to cult status.

The cult beloved “Trainspotting” has been received quite a following based from the book of the same name.

When the sequel was announced it was much anticipated or those who have seen the original there’s so much more stories to tell about the gang.

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Though in the popular mainstream “Trainspotting” is still relatively unknown for those who never understand what the story about. But surely for those who want to catch up and missed the train on the last one, the sequel takes place exactly 20 years when Mark “Rent Boy” Renton left off with the money he stole in the first film.

A former heroine addict who just wants to live a ‘normal’ life isn’t exactly what it used to be now compared to his young rebellious self with three other friends. There are old wound left that Marc needs to make peace with, but he’s not going to get what he expected when he returned to the town his grew up. There have been changes and not exactly what was adapted from Porno, but the producers want to tell their story o these characters that been critically acclaimed unforgettable. Returning to see how these characters have grown up is what Danny Boyle had waited to do after not being on the helm of this film that propelled his career.

It may not be the same as long times has expected, but it damn sure you don’t need to go back and find the original “Trainspotting” as what has transpired previously is briefly told here, where you’ll immediate get the idea and then propels you to what T2 is trying to tell you. If the original has not given you a lesson in life Marc Renton tells you here to “Choose Life” over what’s happening around.

The gang is all here seeing Daniel “Spud Boy” Murphy, Simon “Sick Boy” Williamson, and even the most hated in the bunch in Francis “Franco” Begbie they all are back which also includes Renton’s old fling Diane Coulston with a brief cameo that certainly makes T2 something you should not missed in the big screen.

The 1990s nostalgia coupled with nonsense craziness how life in Edinburgh to the tune of Iggy Pop’s song “Lust for Life” is relatively quirky indie film, which still brings all the best things why “Trainspotting” is worth the $8.00 Australian Dollars that anyone who are seriously into films would definitely rekindle why it still critically acclaimed even though there where no trains spotted on this one.

“Trainspotting 2” or “T2” is already in Australian cinemas since February 23rd and will have a limited release in the Philippines on March 1, 2017 from TriStar Pictures to be released by Sony Pictures Australia and Columbia Pictures Philippines.

RATED: 4 Out of 5 Stars

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