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12.01.2016 – Breakfast Cereals has kept the tradition of having promos and over the years it’s a random thing that makes it interesting. For some reasons it has become part of the toy collecting culture when it comes to free toys.

For Nestle’s breakfast cereals they have these whenever there’s a new movie or feature animated to just spice up what makes it great to start the day right with a collectible in hand like having Mattel’s Hot Wheels property as its featured freebie for the month of November 2016.

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This is not the first time Hot Wheels becoming a freebie for Nestle’s breakfast cereals like Honey Stars, Koko Crunch and other meals. They had this back four years ago and featured a different set of pullback powered Hot Wheels cars.

For this one they let you collect all three vehicles like the Quick N’ Six, Baja Truck and one of the trademark iconic cars from Hot Wheels which is the original Twin Mill. All three are randomly inserted as one of the freebies for Nestle’s break cereals.

Twin Mill Legendary

The original casting of the ‘Twin Mill’ was first introduced in 1969 which was designed by Ira Gilford as part of the debut line. It was designed from the ground up in house at Mattel. The Twin Mill has become one of the most recognizable and popular Hot Wheels casting for generations, enough that a full-size replica of the car was created and displayed at autoshows.

Early versions saw what is called "Cut Fenders". These adhere to the drawings Ira made. This is proclaimed to be a prototype. Many different colors do exist, Antifreeze, Orange, Red, Apple Green, and Creamy Pink. This casting originally was made in the USA only. It has led to three other follow-up castings, the Twin Mill II (1993) and Twin Mill III, as well as a Toon Car Casting.

Pullback Powered Cereal Car Machine

This Twin Mill that was free from Honey Stars is not made of diecast parts, but the molding and design is based from the original. Just like the previous Hot Wheels promotions all the cars are made of plastic with the added gimmick that is pullback powered and just like its diecast namesake it drives like a dream.

But unlike the original the car is packaged in a clear plastic along with the sticker decals. The body is colored in its classic Spectraflame Apple Green, but minus the details, which is entirely from the decal layout. So you have to use the sticker to make it more like the actual Twin Mill as this one is completely a blank canvass without the details that needs to look like the iconic car from Hot Wheels.

Small Size But Faster

It’s scaled smaller than the actual Twin Mill and can be compared to the third generation that was released by Hot Wheels in the 2014 line. It’s more rounded and has that 1960s vibe in its design also in comparison to the original.

This is also smaller to the previous Hot Wheels promotion when they released a different line up of cars from four years ago. But like the other car it’s as quick on the flat surface and watch as its whiz through a table of clutter and it would be great if you have the other two vehicles.

Overall it may not be the actual Twin Mill, but close enough to have it as one of the free toys from Nestle’s breakfast cereal that has been the promotional collection for the month of November.

There are still some available the your nearest local groceries and all you need to do is get one, but it will be a random surprise which one you’ll actually get and its all good when you star applying the stickers and let it fly.

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