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11.05.2016 – “Panzer” is a German meaning for ‘armour’ as it’s being used to name their tanks since the First World War. In German terms its event a longer word, but whenever you hear ‘Panzer’ its always synonymous with tanks.

Siku a well known brand of diecast collectibles with a range of vehicles has been one of those for producing high quality toys that can only be matched how Matchbox used to be popular back in the day. But over the years just to stay competitive Siku also has to adjust with the times and still popular outside the US when you talk about diecast.

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The core product for Siku is their ‘Siku Super’ range of diecast vehicles ranging from cars to military vehicles. They still carry the quality and standard for producing diecast collectibles, which is considered a high end among collectors and hobbyist.

But even though their most basic product is almost the same price range with the standard Takara Tomy’s Tomica branded cars theirs are just the regular version with more details. Siku doesn’t shy away in producing the best line of diecast collectibles they continue to be consistent in building their brand to be affordable with consumers.

German Super Tank

Staying true to the brands roots since Siku is German based they produce most of their vehicles based from real world vehicles from the same country. Most of the cars are from Europe and it will be rare to see other American branded cars.

But when you talk about military vehicles Siku had produced variations from tanks to combat choppers. In the Super Siku range based from 1:55 scale they have produced the Panzer tank though not identified exactly which German tank is based from its obvious that it takes inspiration from the Leopard 2A6 modern tank.

You can say it’s a German ‘super’ tank as it’s the only military tank Siku has produced in two scales. It’s only identified as ‘Panzer Tank’ but look closely for those familiar with military vehicles it’s certainly based from the Leopard 2A6 that from every angle and detail that’s not from a non-existing vehicle.

Detailed Diecast Panzer

What stands out with Siku’s 1:55 ‘Super’ range of diecast vehicles even though for its size the Panzer Tank is well-detailed from 360 rotating turret to its articulated cannon nozzle the quality is never diminished as there’s 1:87 scale version that has more details with actual tank threads.

Though the 1:55 version doesn’t have those threads its 85% diecast metal compared to let’s say Matchbox’s Blockade Buster, which had potential but due to that Mattel also owns the Hot Wheels brand they’d put more quality on the later. But Siku regardless the scale you can see how they put quality on the Panzer Tank.

Comparisons can be seen if it’s parked side-by-side with another brand. Its realism can be seen taken outdoors that for a small scale diecast vehicle this Panzer Tank definitely stands out and holds on its own to be a better looking tank.

Tanks to be appreciated

Overall the Panzer Tank may not have a working tank thread, but with a rotating turret and an articulated cannon nozzle it’s definitely one of those diecast collectibles that is rarely taken notice. Military tanks are sort of a rare breed when it comes to diecast collecting, but this Panzer Tank is not easily ignored in display racks.

Siku might be one of the few to produce them which are being dominated by the usual cars and other types of vehicles. The Panzer Tank might be the only military vehicle in 1:55 scale that is only available as the combat chopper and six wheeled tank truck is discontinued in the 2016 product catalog.

“Panzer Tank” is part of the Siku Super series with designated number 0870, which is manufactured by Siku distributed and sold in the Philippines by Bricktoys Corporation retailed at PhP 179.75 pesos!

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