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08.24.2016 – adidas continues to innovate to be relevant not only in sports but also in lifestyle. Recent re-branding of stores produced HomeCourt for those into the sport from basketball to running and everything related in the between.

Then they announced that their bringing in the Neighborhood, which focuses in lifestyle apparel that has the adidas Originals and the latest sneakers exclusively from the Three-Stripe brand. The opening of Neighborhood that featured prominent personalities in the Philippine scene cuts the ribbon and ushered a new look adidas.

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Pioneering sports style to the streets, adidas Originals has always been close to the ground. Taking to the streets that the Three-Stripes call their home, adidas Originals launches the retail concept Neighborhood in Manila, its flagship stores opening at Uptown and Glorietta.

Staying true to the adidas Originals vision, the Neighborhood stores in Manila take inspiration from the spirit of the city. Rooted firmly in the culture of the surrounding streets, Manila’s flagship stores tell the countless stories that come with these neighborhoods.

“Neighborhood concept stores have already opened in major cities across the world: Berlin, London, New York, and Paris to name a few, but what makes each store unique is its connection to the city’s neighborhood within which the store resides. Each city’s design, style, and ambience are showcased through the interior elements of the store,” says Jen Dacasin, adidas Philippines Brand Communications and Sports Marketing Manager.

The Neighborhood stores have a special, handcrafted design which incorporates the store façade and architecture. Connected to the scene and feel of Manila, Neighborhood is set to become a local and cultural center.

“Through Neighborhood, we create an engaging and fresh environment for our consumers that celebrate the diverse facets of Manila. By doing this, we ensure to remain part of the city’s landscape,” shares Dacasin.

The only place that can showcase the depth of the brand, the Neighborhood stores present the very best of adidas Originals: sneaker highlights, limited releases, and collaborations.

By opening the Neighborhood flagship store in Manila, adidas Originals does not only reposition themselves as the pioneering sportswear brand for the streets, Originals also engage with their target consumers further, providing them authentic hubs for creativity and inspiration.

To celebrate the opening of the Manila flagship stores, adidas Originals launched eleven new colorways of the NMDs, inspiring everyone to explore and own the future.

Sneakerheads and fans alike are welcome to visit the adidas Originals Neighborhood flagship stores, now open in Uptown Mall and Glorietta.

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