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06.19.2016 – Last night’s “Vibrant Music & Paint Festival” was a culmination of concepts that has something to do with rave parties, music festival, and an outrageous idea to douse the audience with high volume of colorful wet paint.

The event is an original idea that could probably the first in the country featuring a collection of the best local club DJs with foreign counterparts that clearly brought the house down for those who are aching for a different type of party atmosphere.

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Certainly Vibrant Music & Paint Festival did not disappoint last night that featured besides the talented DJs, but also performances that got everyone engaged. If you missed the even then you must have spend your Saturday night wondering if there’s something looking forward to start the weekend.

There was enough buckets of paint last night that certainly made those in front of the stage looked like being slimed by a ghost. But you never see it coming at first the event’s title seemed to be a music fest with painting that some thought there where some live art happening. But it turns out there’s a live paint fired up by five cannons at the front of the stage for everyone to get hit at and this is the event that gives you more than just that.

Besides the cannons there are staff loading it at the same time firing handheld water cannons that are loaded with paint too, and it’s the wildest event from last night that if you missed it certainly you’ll find these images quite the show you should have been here to experience last night.

“Vibrant Music & Paint Festival” was a definite show last night that really made people look colorful and having the time of their lives. This was a successful event last night and hats off to the staff and crew for making it happen.

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