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12.10.2016 – Matchbox has been known for producing real world licensed cars casting and rarely the fictional ones that simply out of this world. But since Mattel acquired the rights from the former Tyco they’ve up the ante on the unreal vehicles.

It’s unique now that they’ve slowly incorporate vehicles tie-up to movie franchises that some not necessarily appear in fiction. But these non-fiction vehicle designs where inspired from the film Jurassic World like the Mauler Hauler that was released for the 2015 series.

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The Mauler Hauler is menacing in design and appearance that seemed not fit to be a vehicle from a film about rampaging cloned dinosaurs, but more taking inspiration from the film Mad Max Fury Road.

Description which is described at the back of the card gives you an idea what the vehicle is all about the Mauler Hauler:

The Mauler Hauler is new to 2015, in the standard line as well as a part of the Jurassic World vehicle line. This is the best way to get your hands on some big creatures. The vehicle features a hinged cage on the back with an interior that sports a chain winch as well as some dinosaur bones.

Off-Scale Road Machine

Design–wise the Mauler Hauler is an intimidating vehicle and the product art sells that idea, which it’s one of those ‘must have’ Matchbox cars. But in reality there’s little else to like about this casting other than its functional hinge-cage and the details dinosaur bones molded in the base.

If Mattel had the Super series scale of Matchbox cars produced previously by New England back in the day that would be something for collectors to appreciate about this vehicle than just pipedreams of the past greatness of this brand.

Furious Dino Catcher

The idea that the Mauler Hauler is a machine built to catch dinosaurs fits its description, but it looses its lacklustre for being a small scale road machine that will never be produce in its true scale away from standard Matchbox cars.

Its detailed appearance that catches its menacing look deserves more than just being produced to tie-up with a film. So far there are only three variations of this vehicle having produced as a single card, as part of the five-pack set, and a Jurassic World themed vehicles that hardly became available in the Philippine market.

Overall the design is impressive but not much interest would get attraction due to the small scale, but it was released in a bigger version similar to the glory days of Matchbox’s Super Fast series of large diecast cars this would have been sold out.

“Mauler Hauler” is part of the 2015 Matchbox series numbered 78 0f 120 under the Explorers sub-line manufactured by Mattel distributed and sold in the Philippines by Richprime Global Inc now retailed at PhP 129.75 pesos!

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