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01.23.2016 – Vinyl on Vinyl is featuring the first ever solo show of Tyang Karyel who mostly a fixture of group shows in the past. Karyel’s endeavour is being spotlight is not the first time but this is her time to shine in her very first exhibit.

Tyang’s art style is like a fresh coat of baby colors with mischievous glee that’s not directly for kids. But defines her passion for anything from fast food restaurants that had a bee mascot to a can of soda is what you’ll see in her solo show.

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Tyang Karyel has finally made it as one of the featured artists having her solo show along with Kris Abrigo and Apol Sta. Maria which will run for the next two weeks. Her works are easily noticed due to the palette of baby colors that are like a fresh coat of paint that are just about being dried.

Visually her trademarks embodies most Filipino popular culture elements that also defines her art style certified Tyang Karyel and if you missed the opportunity to see it in person browse over the images below:

“Artificial Flavor” runs from January 21, 2015 to February 8, 2016 at the Vinyl on Vinyl gallery located at 2135 Warehouse II 2nd Level, Chino Roces Avenue (Formerly Pasong Tamo) in Makati City.

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