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01.24.2016 – The Volkswagen Polo is a versatile supermini that was first produced in 1975 over five generations sold in Europe and in other markets worldwide in hatchback, sedan, and estate (station wagon) variants.

In those five generations of the car it was produced with intermittent facelifts. This car is not to be mistaken with relation to the Polo Classic released in the Philippines in the mid-1990s, which is using a SEAT Cordova body.

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Besides from using SEAT Cordova named as “Polo Classic” in the Philippines there where several cars that used the name by Volkswagen Group models that include the Škoda Fabia, SEAT Ibiza and Audi A1. It’s actually one of the popular cars by Volkswagen, which is why the VW Polo won the 2010 World Car of the Year.

For the Young & Hip

The Volkswagen Polo comes in two variants in the Philippines which are the hatchback and the sedan. Both cars where introduced in the market sometime in late 2013/early 2014. But the most being marketed is the hatchback for college students to professionals who have aspirations of owning their first Volkswagen.

In other countries the hatchback is popular being used for competition in the WRC Rally that Volkswagen Motorsport has started using to compete since 2013. The Volkswagen Polo their using is a heavily modified street version known as the Volkswagen Polo R WRC where it won in the FIA World Rally Championships for Drivers in 2013, 2014, and 2015.

Tomica-sized Polo Hatchback

Takara Tomy, the toy manufacturer of Tomica cars has produced a collectible diecast version of the Volkswagen Polo hatchback and it’s based on the Polo MK5 produced from 2008 to present. The three-door comes with two colors in red and white the later being a Toys R’ Us Philippines’ exclusive.

The common color that was regularly sold in toy stores comes in red and there are no opening door features unlike the other license cars produced for the Tomica line. Like most of the Tomica their colors are based on the real cars.

For any diecast car collector this would come as too simple with less flair like a random diecast produced for the Tomica line. So far there are no other variants aside from the street version that’s based on the actual car seen in Volkswagen showrooms.

Too Simple Not To Pass up

The Volkswagen Polo in real life is a very nice car its close enough second to its big brother Golf that’s getting more attention. But don’t count out the Polo either hatchback or sedan. The diecast version however is not as appealing at the Volkswagen New Beetle but it’s a good compliment to have it sit beside its famous relative as there are only a few VW cars produced under the Tomica line.

Volkswagen Polo is part of the 2013 Tomica series of die cast cars manufactured by Takara Tomy and locally distributed by Bankee Toys in the Philippines with the standard retail price at PhP 179.75 pesos (Acquired in 2013 for PhP 169.75 pesos).

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