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01.03.2015 – The ever growing Hot Wheels fleet of vehicles won’t be enough to keep in a display case. A few years back they have released lunch box-type tin case that holds 18 cars and slowly it began to be hard to find them in Philippine stores.

In Australia that isn’t the case as there are new designs for this Hot Wheels storage that would keep your diecast collectible cars in pristine condition. The most recent lunch box-type tin storage has been the same like before with new artwork and deigns.

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Global Discovery locally distributes them in Australia and you can easily find them at Big W, Kmart, Target and selected Toys R’ Us stores. For those who have been very much wanting to organize their growing collection this might be the best storage that you can get aside from the other versions that came after.

But like any storage cases for their collectible items they will be compatible with some Hot Wheels cars. The most common reasons is either they are long or tall cars that doesn’t fit in. But you have to be aware about it now that most Hot Wheels cars are either unique and out worldly in design as well as in appearance. So you can only put standard cars that would be compatible in this storage.

This is the only issue you may encounter as the slots to put 18 cars insides the lunch box-type tin case is designed and divided evenly for standard Hot Wheels cars. But overall this storage tin is affordable enough to keep some of your Hot Wheels cars in storage so you won’t have getting dust in them or having paint scratches.

Hot Wheels 18-Car Storage Tin is retailed at $10.00 AU Dollars acquired at KMart and this is distributed locally in Australia by Global Discovery. For more about the HW 18-Car Storage Tin visit the site at: GlobalDicovery.com.au

Hot Wheels die-cast cars are distributed in the Philippines by Rich Prime and retailed for PhP 99.75 pesos. For more about their Hot Wheels products LIKE Richwell Club on Facebook!

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