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01.02.2015 – Australia has a rich culture and they would do anything to preserve one of their heritages to keep it relevant. The Toy Factory located in Gumeracha is one such place that they continue to make an attraction in South Australia.

Originally a wooden toy factory which opened in 1973 owned by Wilkinson family since the early 1970s up to 2004, that has evolved and expanded to have a café and wildlife park. What made Toy Factory a roadside attraction is its iconic Big Rocking Horse!

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If you’ve only travelled to see Sydney for the Opera House why not seeing the other parts of Australia like the one in Adelaide. There are some interesting sights you’ll be interested to make the visit. One such place is the Toy Factory and as its rich history has been known it became a popular place to see for the Big Rocking Horse.

The giant rocking horse was designed by David McIntosh and it has become one of the tourist destinations to see the 18 meters tall children’s oversized toy that weighs 25 tons. The wildlife too has become part of the Toy Factory experience where you can feed the furry creatures in the caged area where you can follow a path where to see them. But what makes this place for those into old school wooden toys is the Toy Factory itself.

They have the wooden toys that you might not see anywhere else, and as a country like Australia who supports their own they also produce their own plush toys based on the furry creatures and marsupials that inhabit their country. There are also collectibles and novelty items that’s unique on their own that you might not find in downtown Adelaide if you’re hoping to find them outside the Toy Factory, but if you’re already there get them already as gifts and souvenirs to your friends and love ones.

You won’t miss the opportunity to make the road trip once you’ve decided to visit Adelaide in South Australia. Make sure to add the Toy Factory and its Big Rocking Horse as the place to see it’s located in 452 Torrens Valley Road in Gumeracha, South Australia.

Toy Factory and the Big Rocking Horse is open weekdays but for more details and inquiries visit the site at: TheToyFactory.com.au

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