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01.04.2015 – The NBA has become a global sport that it recently opened its First Ever store outside the United States in the Philippines. The new store located at the heart of the Makati commercial district opened in early December 2014.

However the new NBA Store may appear to have merchandise for every team, but you’ll be surprise that they still don’t have enough teams that you can personalize in their “Personalize It” section as sighted in Australia’s Rebel Sport store that they have.

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The replica “blank” jerseys where found at Australia’s Rebel Sport store in Westfield Marion that are on sale beside the swingman jersey for $ 60.00 AU dollars, which are originally priced at $99.99 AU dollars before Christmas and New Years Daty (replica jerseys are at $ 74.95 AU dollars).

It’s rare that you’ll come across a replica jersey that has the players name on it, but most of the ones sold at Rebel Sport are “blanks” that can be personalized just like the one the NBA Store in the Philippines have, but limited only to “popular” teams.

Besides the NBA jerseys they also have the warm up uniforms, which are the only ones that are not on holiday say retailed at $99.99 AU dollars. These are not sold in the NBA Store that fans are hoping to acquire as well. Basketball might not be as popular in Australia but certainly they have some of the NBA merchandise the NBA Store in the Philippines doesn’t have.

Bonus Sighting at: Foot Locker

If you’re thinking that the NBA Store had it all then you might be surprise to know that Foot Locker also carry the licensed NBA jerseys that includes the former Seattle Sonics that has Shawn Kemp’s #40 swingman jersey at $99.99 AU dollars.

NBA Replica and Swingman selected jerseys are available at the NBA Store in the Philippines. For more inquiries LIKE NBA Philippines on Facebook and follow on Instagram at: @NBAStorePH

If you’re based in Australia check out the NBA apparel at Rebel Sport as these jerseys where sighted at the Westfield Marion branch in South Australia. For more availability and further details LIKE Rebel Sport on Facebook and visit at: RebelSport.com.au

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