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10.04.2013 – Dell Computers in the Philippines recent launch a new line of laptops, desktops and machines for business use which was welcomed by the media for the first time. Presented in a K-Pop theme Dell brings you their latest computers to this event.

The latest laptops are evolving as versatile as ever incorporating the innovative touch screen function that doubles into a portable tablet for the high end user. There are also affordable laptops than be as versatile as their high end counterparts and Dell is at the forefront of the ever evolving technology.

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The first line of laptops that was launched at the event is savvy and stunning with the new Dell Latitude Ultrabooks and offer world’s best security and manageability with seductive design.

They unveiled the Latitude 7000, 5000, and 3000 series with each sleek line these Ultrabooks range from business-class, best-in-class security and manageability, and affordable essential computing that’s durable with portfolio-wide touch display options (Latitude 7000) at every price that is powered by the new Windows 8 operating system.

They also launch Dell’s most powerful mobile workstations, Dell Precisions M4800 and M6800 which offer 15.6 inch QHD+ panel with highest resolution and optional 10-finger touch on 17.3-inch screen.

The Dell Precision T3610, T5610, and T7610 tower workstations provide cutting-edge performance with new workstation-class storage solutions, graphics and processors. The engineering, oil, gas, film and many other industries rely on the powerful Dell workstations to develop and “render complex 3D designs in minutes and hours” just the way things moves forward with the announcements of these products will give you options that fit your leisure and business.

These images reveal some of the products that were announced which includes demonstrations about what the latest line of Dell computers can provide from office and home use that also involves your business whenever and wherever…

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