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10.06.2013 – Rob Cham had a fantastic journey this year having another solo show this time at Vinyl on Vinyl. He’s works have defined how adventurous in the way he pushes his ideas to happen that makes everyone agree in such wonderful glee.

The strokes of originality coupled with inspirations from his favorite artists like James Dean elevates his style to the next level. Rob teases the mind to see for what he can do and more and that makes him one of the unique artists who crosses the boundaries of komiks and urban lifestyle art.

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For those who haven’t seen his komiks creation maybe you should try to drop by and check out where he peddles his wares at Komikon. For anyone looking to his works like paintings, exclusive shirts and other contemporary art might try drop by Vinyl on Vinyl where some of his stuff is on exhibit for the next two weeks.

If you missed the launch of his second solo show this year check out some of his works and merchandise on exhibit…

Headspace is Rob Cham’s second solo show in 2013 which is currently on exhibit at Vinyl on Vinyl located inside The Collective along Malugay St., Makati City. For more details LIKE Vinyl on Vinyl on Facebook and follow on Twitter at: @VinylonVinyl

Visit the site at: VinylonVinyl.blogspot.com

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