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09.29.2013 – Volkswagen transcends from just another car manufacturer to influencing an ever evolving culture. The Type 1 Beetle known as the People’s Car took that name to heart becoming the iconic symbol to a generation that was an idea of Adolf Hitler.

The VW Beetle was a symbol of the hippies’ culture during the 1970s era for being the “flower power.” In the Philippines it’s known as the “kotseng kuba” (humpback car) coined by children while traveling in the 1990s.

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The People’s Celebration over the weekend is also launch of Volkswagen in the Philippines which culminated a few days earlier. The event is celebrated with featuring all the line of vehicles from Volkswagen and its heritage is also retold though the past inside the Ayala Museum.

Parts of the Volkswagen like the hubcap, speedometer, old car radio, bonnet cover, and other interesting things connected to the Type 1 Beetle are on exhibit during the event’s promotion welcoming the company to the country.

There are also images of the Type 1 Beetle as well as old advertisement material, that still resonate what Volkswagen stood for during the times of its high and down times. The German brand is here to stay and Volkswagen is definitely bringing their past, present and forthcoming future to the country.

The Ayala Museum is taking the Volkswagen heritage to their halls to give you a little history as wells re-living the experience owning one of their cars from back in the day. At the same time the Type 1 Beetle is also represented through art, photography and how it became a popular car beyond its original concept of a “People’s Car” which is also celebrated to welcome the return of Volkswagen in the Philippines.

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