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09.27.2013 – How to rekindle a bond with an old friend? Volkswagen is like that bringing its nostalgic soul for the new generation who never got to see their vehicles on the road unless you owned the original Type 1 Beetle or its succeeding iteration.

Volkswagen has been slowly returning to the country after being gone for so long. For some who will never be part of that exclusive event not until this weekend there’s a glimpse of what to see at the Greenbelt area that will surely catch your attention.

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Nevertheless if you have only knew one Volkswagen car that’s been a rear engine. Then you’re not missing anything about the Wolfsburg based company from Germany. It was almost late but you could hear the rumbling at the Ayala Triangle Gardens. They’ve been constructing the huge stage for the launch for the last few days and it finally is truly a beginning for the brand in the Philippines after a long absence.

But even though you’ll never get to see the grand unveiling in the other side of the country’s business district they already have one Beetle parked nearby the escalators of Greenbelt 2. There’s a Volkswagen Beetle on display being cleaned by the crew while passers by took a glance of its muscular appearance.

It’s like an alien ship just forgot where to park and left it there and it white. The beast looking second generation VW Bug still carried that iconic look that harkens back to what everyone knew as the People’s Car.

Before they shut the lights out they slowly covered the car as if it’s a classified alien technology that needs to be moved to Area 51. The entire Greenbelt is on lockdown before the ceremonies happen at the Ayala Triangle Gardens. Actually it was just a few moments when they took off the covers and put them back after they officially announced that Volkswagen is now back officially after so many attempted to import the brand in the past years.

The last successful return was attempted by then importers of Proton cars in the mid-1990s, which introduced the re-badge Seat Cordobas as the Volkswagen Polo Classic sedans. Then in the late 1990s there was another company who tried to bring the New Beetle that slowly disappeared from the market until earlier this evening when they really launched a grand event that brought back the brand in full force.

This weekend will be more interactive as Volkswagen Philippines reveal what to expect when they introduced the Touran, Touareg, and Tiguan as their initial line of vehicles, while the rest will be slowly be available to the market in being launched in the succeeding launch.

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