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06.29.2013 – Earlier this month 12 Stone Inc introduced the artists and the bands they have signed up under label. It’s a collaboration of new faces as well as established performers that would reinvigorate the Philippine music industry.

The intrepid group of talents under one label that is 12 Stone Inc is not just another record label, but have something special to give new and long time fans to look forward to and they also reveal some of these through the CDs…

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During the press conference the online and traditional media had a chance to acquire some of the artists and bands’ albums. Some of them where soon-to-be released, and there the ones you might have already seen being sold at record stores, that deserves a second look why they are now part of 12 Stones Inc.

Here is an image what are the artists and bands that are under the 12 Stone Inc banner and why you should give them your support:

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