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03.16.2013 – The Peugeot RCZ is a sports compact coupe that has been in the automotive market since its being sold in May 2010. It was first unveiled at the Frankfurt Auto Show in 2009 and it was a concept car as the 308 RCZ in the same event in 2007.reiteration.

Originally a concept car but it became known and the reception was critically acclaimed by the public giving a unique perspective that Peugeot decided to move forward to having an actual car in production.

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Of course the production model has slight changes that led to some disappointments but it was still well received by those who followed the development. There are accolades being well received and gained the Top Gear 2010 Coupe of the Year Award as well as the Auto Express Design Award 2010. In the Philippines the RCZ was launched in early 2013 with the current incarnation.

Recently during WORLDBEX 2013 Peugeot had a mini-exhibit at the lobby of the World Trade Center in Pasay City showcasing the latest RCZ in Nera Black. The standard color is in Opal White but you can get three other variations in Haria Grey, Tuanake Blue, and Moroccan Red.

This brings us to the latest Tomica dies cast collectible that was released in 2012. The Peugeot RCZ is designated number 84 having two colors in Tuanake Blue and Moroccan Red which is the same paint of the actual car.

Of course the 1/64 scale version would not be 100% accurate compared to the big brother but it is an elusive coupe which attracts admiring glances but its design definitely takes the idea to another level compared to other cars that was produced for Tomica. The meticulous attentions to detail close enough to its real car but there are just minor misses for the reason it’s not 100% accurate like the small tail lights. These are just minor nitpick for a scale that small Tomica still puts quality down to its details.

If you’re going to pick one up the Moroccan Red has more demand compared to the Tuanake Blue which needs a little attention. You don’t need these to have a special order if you like either color unlike the real one which carries a hefty amount of PhP 2.5 Million Pesos which it will cost you an arm and a leg.

Though the Tomica version doesn’t have opening doors or hood just like the standard collectible die cast manufactured by Takara Tomy it has the suspension. The wheels are sporty as its real version but not exactly the one that’s depicted in the box.

It’s rare you see a European car licensed by a Japanese toymaker with notable car brands like Mercedes-Benz and Lamborghini to name a few that has been reborn as a collectible die cast that you might not find in other brands. If you do see one it’s not as accurate down to the name of its colors.

The Peugeot, RCZ is part of the 2012 Tomica series of die cast cars manufactured by Takara Tomy and locally distributed by Bankee Toys with the standard retail price at PhP 169.75 pesos.

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