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03.15.2013 - Jagnus Design Studios is one of the well known designer firms who have made a name having a list of portfolios under its belt. They are notable for the design of the Ronac Art Center that is located past Greenhills in San Juan, Manila.

For WORLDBEX 2013 Jagnus Design teams up with Secret Fresh along with Pilipinas Street Plan to have a unique kind of exhibit that brings design, art, and urban culture all rolled into one which is out of the usual booth you’ll find at the PTTC which features other design firms promoting their portfolio.

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Jagnus Design has a separate exhibit booth promoting their portfolio and the exhibit collaboration with Secret Fresh and Pilipinas Street Plan is also divided in three sections. The main exhibit of course features all the artists’ works as wells as the limited edition designer toys as well as collaboration between Jagnus Design and Secret Fresh.

If you missed seeing their exhibit check out at the PTTC building and here are the set of images on the main exhibit gallery:

Jagnus Design Studios office is located the basement parking level of the Ronac Art Center and for more about the company LIKE Jagnus Design Studio on Facebook.

More about art and designer toys LIKE Secret Fresh on Facebook!

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