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03.10.2013 – Cinema World is the latest exclusive cable channel for SkyCable Premium Subscribers which was recently launched late in 2012. For this year Cinema World brings you never before international films as they affirmed with the tagline: “Your World of Movies” that you will come to appreciate.

Cinema World unlocks a new perspective of entertainment, fresh, different and VERY unique no film aficionado would not have in his/her cable channel. It gives you more diversity in hidden gems to liven up your television adding a whole new dimension to entertain you in the confines of your home.

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For the whole month of March 2013 Cinema World brings you International films produced by well known directors, and independent artist throughout the world. The special press launch for the upcoming movies to be shown is headed with the special screening of the Italian film in Lezioni Di Cioccolati (Lessons in Chocolate).

Before the screening began Cinema World invited the media to have a first-hand experience on how chocolates being made as the theme of the press launch. Notable chefs made chocolate in front of the media to give an idea what the film’s theme would be.

Originally shown in 2007 with a running time of 97 minutes tells a romantic comedy about a 32 year old building contractor who has all the trappings of success that includes a beautiful girlfriend. He’s about to close the biggest deal when one of his illegally hired workers was badly injured. His employee was an Egyptian who went to Italy to pursue a dream in opening a pastry shop. Because of the accident the employee threatens to sue the building contractor unless he takes the worker’s place in an advanced chocolate-making course and assumes his identity and there things gets interesting.

The film garnered some notable awards one of this actor Luca Argentero playing Mattia in the film becoming a Guglielmo Award Winner. The screenwriters Fabio Bonifacci and Luca Lucini getting nominated for Best Original Story in the Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists in 2008. Director Claudio Cupellini was a David of Youth Nominee, David di Donatello Awards (2008), and Best First Feature Nominee at the Italian Golden Globes in 2008.

Lezioni Di Cioccolati (Lessons in Chocolate) is one of the films to be shown this month at Cinema World and it premieres on March 24, 2013 at 9PM. Check for your SkyCable for details on how to subscribe to Cinema World!

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