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03.10.2013 – The opening during last Saturday’s Block Market in Vinyl on Vinyl a group of talented graffiti artists in the SDFK. Some have political connotations but if you open your mind they express something more than mere art creations.

Their creations are unapologetic in the social environment that the group maintains its fun and giving you an open-mind of ideas how to interpret each individual works. Being a multidisciplinary group of artists they step up to give you a mixed of viral expression that let’s you have your own ideal thought in each artistic devotion.

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There are random thoughts that was thrown in these individual works that let your mind linger in giving your own idea how these creations where revealed. Some has a sense of nostalgia others have some Easter egg of thoughts from each artists personal lives.

Overall besides the food and drinks that was served you get the comfort of underground movement that leaves your mind fresh for you to open new inspirations during the weekend. If you missed last night’s opening of the art gallery in Block Market here are some set of images for you let your imagination run wild…

Block Market runs for two weeks at Vinyl on Vinyl which opened last night (March 9, 2013). For more upcoming launches and events LIKE Vinyl on Vinyl on Facebook and visit: vinylonvinly.blogspot.com

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