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02.21.2013 – Step into the world of Whoop Wonka in his third solo exhibit at the Vinyl on Vinyl where the magnificent one shares his perspective through colorful imagination that simply inspiring and out of this world.

Whoop also unveils his latest art toy a skull that became a fruit or vice versa. Limited in quantity super in quality definitely plucked from Whoop’s imagination that some might not comprehend but for some who has an open mind about appreciating art.

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The launch was graced by personalities who has witness his works and creations. Those who have been also interested in collection his art pieces. The event began with his introduction as well as a toast to his exclusive art toy in “Hari Sonik.” There are two versions of the art two which total to 45 pieces that is sold exclusively at Secret Fresh.

It could be anything as interpreted the same way how his art is expressed through life. The night was young and the Vinyl on Vinyl art gallery is brewing with good music and seeing friends support the featured artist.

Whoop the ever presentable has not yet felt the urge to get lost in the sea of people who has supported him over the years. The humble member of the Pilipinas Street Plan has growing followers and his endeavors continue with creating great art. If you missed last night’s launch of his works check out these images…

Whooop: Playground of the gods will be on exhibit for the next two weeks at Vinyl on Vinyl.

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