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02.22.2013 – There are Dreamers and Killers in the art world if you put them together is like a different perspective altogether. Last Wednesday Seven 107 featured some of its finest talents in the industry lending their individual works for everyone to see.

It also coincided with the launch of Whoop Wonka’s 3rd Solo Exhibit at Vinyl on Vinyl though unrelated to the theme it’s a welcoming perspective seeing different names making their identity be known with their creations unbound for you to appreciate its wondrous perspective all throughout that night.

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Seven 107 brings you the talents not in particular order featuring the works of Sidney Valdez, Egg Fiasco, Gene Paulmartin, Chill, James Esguerra, Knock-Out, JJ Zamoranos, Potti Lesaguis, EXLD, Jimmuel Magat, and Tawney Tantay.

If you haven’t got the chance to visit the latest featured artist at the Seven 107 Gallery then these collection of images would probably give you an idea how these fine gentlemen put their passion in everyone’s perspectives…

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