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Feb 23, 2013

Flick Review: Lincoln!

02.23.2013 – Everyone knows the story of President Lincoln how he came to be and how big is his impact to the United States of America. Several movies have portrayed him throughout the years and it never seems tiring to see how the country’s 16th president endured those times of discrimination and fighting about slavery.

The movie focus on Daniel Day-Lewis’ Oscar nominated role Abraham Lincoln one the great leaders on his generation. We already know the full story of what went down in the era it’s about the performance that made it more interesting to everyone’s perspective.

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The performances of these great actors taking the roles of those who has changed the course of their country’s future was definitely entertaining and refined with great acting from the rest of the cast that includes Sally Field, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Tommy Lee Jones to name a few that mad this one of the great films to see.

It was 150 minutes of pure drama that bring Lincoln in pushing for the 13th amendment and abolishing slavery. Steven Spielberg known for block buster films like Jurassic Park and Indiana Jones has never left this style of film as he was known Schindler’s List to be one of his films that was nominated for the Academy in the early 1990s. So its not-so common for you to see Spielberg directing films like these as he is an avid “movie buff” why Lincoln was respected in high regard.

The authenticity of this film makes it more appealing from the sets and costumes in that particular era. It also gave everyone who are in historical stories of the past something to indulge and at the same time be entertained.

It might not look like the common standard of films you see in cinemas. Lincoln has the makings of an award winning drama that rarely seen outside the explosions and wanders of the usual movie going patron. You can never see these films shown in the Philippines unless you have a taste from all kinds of genre.

Overall it all depends on which country you are and how you are entertained by movies from the USA or based from that nation. It’s about cultural taste and rarely will you ever see one talking about it. But IT IS one of the great films you should see just to break out the moving going normalcy and you’ll never know if it’s definitely worth your curiosity.

Lincoln is NOW SHOWING in Philippine Cinemas nationwide from 20th Century Fox to be distributed by Warner Bros. Picture studios!

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