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02.06.2013 – If you have been to Art in the Park then this new away to appreciate art in the car park can be something unique. It must be a first to hear something “The Best in Philippine Contemporary Art” had to offer to a venue that everyone takes advantage only as a place where they can just park.

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The Philippines is a fusion of influence from traditional to pop culture art that has been a growing renaissance over the past years. Art Fair Philippines 2013 is bringing something fresh, vibrant and inspiring perspective for everyone to see at The Link this week!

For several months it’s was building up to a “must see” event and for the entire month of February 2013 art has become something everyone needs to be inspired.

Art Fair Philippines 2013 happens on February 7 to 10 and the gallery is at The Link car park just beside The Landmark department store. Construction and set up has been underway in the last 24 hours that is slowly building up to the event as continuous teaser where shown at the Facebook Page.

This is a relax time to put your sleeve up and catch the event over the course of the next few days. Sometimes we need to get away from the stressful week at work and Art Fair Philippines 2013 is there to re-energize your daily motivation with a little multi-layered experience of art. The gallery at The Link has an entrance fee of PhP 100.00 pesos to check out 24 carefully selected galleries and art groups sharing their inspirations with you.

The Art Fair Philippines 2013 aims to showcase the best in modern and contemporary art in the country which is an alternative perspective in the urban setting. The event happens on February 7 to 10, 2013 at the 7/F roof deck of The Link.

For more details LIKE Art Fair Philippines 2013 on Facebook and visit: www.ArtFairPhilippines.com

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