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02.06.2013 – In less than 48 hours after Fast and Furious 6 was unveiled all over the world. It was first seen during the big game spot with other upcoming movies for 2013 on Super Bowl XLVII. Then it was attached to Guillermo Del Toro’s horror film “Mama” during its advance screening in the Philippines.

The anticipation builds up when Fast and Furious 6 was announced to release the extended trailer with more new scenes revealing who the team is up against.

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Besides Letty Ortiz (Michelle Rodriguez) kicks Dominic Toretto’s (Vin Diesel) ass with multiple bullet wounds you got things coming fast & furious!

It’s no secret the formula for a successful action movie is fast cars, hot women, and huge explosions coupled with fight scenes that definitely mix it up to bring something big as this franchise. The extended trailer clocks at three minutes and twenty seconds from start to finish this is definitely moving beyond not just a street racing related movie. It’s now one of the big franchises that you should not miss and here’s nitro burner for your thoughts…

Fast and Furious 6” is set to open in May 24, 2013 which is Memorial Day in North America. The film is released by Universal Studios to be distributed in the Philippines by Solar UIP.

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