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02.07.2013 – Rapoo is the latest peripheral brand to launch their products in the country. They are also celebrating 10 years as a company that aims to bring high quality product line of mouse, keyboards, speakers, headsets, and touchpads.

The event was hosted by Gino Quillamor the one third of the triumvirate team of radio DJs from Monster Radio RX93.1 who wakes you up in the Morning Rush along with Chico Garcia and Delamar Aria. He introduced two of Rapoo’s representatives in telling their story about the company and its latest innovations.

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They also shared how Rapoo came to be and giving us a glimpse on how they manufacture their products and where they can be available in the Philippines. They also shared their value to their customers by giving them information that they have also repair services. Toward the afternoon they also entertained the media by raffling off some of their products to lucky winners.

New Product Portfolio

5G Series

The newest 5.8G technology is applied in its 5G optical mouse series, which enables strong anti-interference capabilities. With the surfree technology, each mouse boasts of a super power in border crossing that allows it to run on any interface. Each one also performs remarkably well in power saving, with the 18-month lifetime of its battery.

The latest 5.8 transmission technology enables an operating distance to as far as 10 meters, with a strong anti-jamming capability. A plug-and-forget NANO-receiver is also equipped, in case the receiver is lost, making it convenient for users to take.

5G Rapoo products are fast, are highly affordable, like the rest in other product lines, and truly delivers the features in any of its product series.

Audio Series

Meanwhile, the wireless stereo headphones have amazing appearance designs; adopting the patent on-ear design, equipped with comfortable earmuffs for noise reduction. Used in a smartphone, tablet or laptop, it makes listening more free.

With a maximum ten-hour runtime battery, it meets people’s requirements to enjoy high-quality sound reproduction at any given time. Music is therefore enjoyed anywhere, whether at home, out shopping or when traveling.

On the other hand, its small and stylish portable speaker systems support Bluetooth 2.1+DER, and can work in wired mode through the 3.5mm jack or work in wireless mode by Bluetooth that is compatible with almost all audio devices. The transmission distance is up to 10 meters during the wireless mode.

Each speaker is controlled by a touch button and comes with backlight function. A rechargeable lithium battery of high performance is built in; greatly reducing its weight.

2.4G Series

Each optical mouse in the 2.4G series does not only have a stunning visual design but also remarkable performance as well.

The Rapoo 2.4G wireless transmission technology brings users a 10-meter working range wireless connection without any interference. With 1000 DPI high-precision engine, which is 2.5 times as precise as the ordinary optical engine, the control of the mouse is more accurate and smoother on surfaces.

The New generation energy-saving technology and power on/off button present in the 6610 and 3360 models enable its battery to last 9 months long freeing users the trouble of frequently changing batteries.

Rapoo peripherals are distributed by EA Global Supply Chain Solutions in the Philippines. LIKE RAPOO on facebook and visit at: rapoo.com

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