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01.25.2013 – The night is young but the people who paid a visit to support the tribute for National Artist José T. Joya and celebrate his works have not stopped admiring his vision of modern art. The former dean of University of the Philippines’ College of Fine Arts is much alive through his creations.

The drinks are flowing the food is very much fresh in supply for the guests to dig in while admiring the large canvass works of the great national artist. Some of his works are up on sale at the Rockwell tent which will on exhibit during the weekend. This not just celebrating his works but also featuring great Filipino talents in the local art scene.

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This also features works by Ramon Orlina and Michael Cacnio and other well established and promising talents such as Randy Solon, Froilan Calayag, Ramona Gaston, Mike Villagante, Erick Villarruz, Iyan De Jesus, Dino Gabito, Jepoy Almario, Michael Zaracias, Jr Urao, Onard Alfonso, Dennis Bato, Adrian Evangelista, Buen Abrigo, Anthony Palo and Camille Ver among others.

Joya’s works was previously on exhibit during last year’s Manila Art and had a special opening during the by invitation prior to the event’s opening day. If you haven’t had the chance to see it selected images captured during the opening night will give you an idea what went down earlier today…

Joya: A Modern Native will be on exhibit at the Rockwell ten from January 25 to 27, 2013. The event is collaboration between Gallery BIG and Vinyl on Vinyl.

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