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01.24.2013 – The Gangster Squad had a red carpet press media premiere earlier today and prior to the screening showed some of the most anticipated films in the first quarter 2013 by Warner Bros. This film (Gangster Squad) has already been shown in January 11, 2013.

Originally it was supposed to be shown on September 7, 2012 but due to the recent incidents in the Aurora shooting they push it for a 2013 release. In the Philippines the film is R-18 due to sex, violence and minor gore by the MTRCB and best to be informed ahead about its content.

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Set in the post-WWII era of 1949 the premise of the crime action film directed by Ruben Fleischer from a screenplay written by Will Beall (who will also be writing for the upcoming Justice League). This film is loosely based on the story of LAPD officers and detectives forming a group called the "Gangster Squad unit" who attempt to keep Los Angeles safe from Mickey Cohen and his gang during the 1940s and 1950s.

Gangster Squad is headed by Josh Brolin with an ensemble cast that includes Ryan Gosling, Nick Nolte, Emma Stone, Sean Penn, Michael Peña, and Giovanni Ribisi.

The story focus on Josh Brolin’s Sergeant John O’Mara a tough no no-nonsense police office of the LAPD recruited by Chief Bill Parker played by Nick Nolte which in turn forms the unit in secret. What make this film true to its era are the visuals of 1949 being captured in the big screen.

Behind the movie is the backdrop of the era that makes this film sparkle and takes us to that particular era to feel the nostalgic times of Los Angeles. The violence is not heavy as some might say due to the incident that happened in Aurora shooting in Colorado. It was reported having a re-shoot hence the film date was pushed to early 2013 having some of the scenes at the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre was cut out where they made changes for the reason the violence was toned down.

The story begins in a dragging pace in the initial opening scenes where you feel the film is very long but towards the middle it starts to roll quickly that once you see the film credits you’ll realize how it came fast towards the end.

There’s nothing like American gangster films that have been done several times mixed with all the ingredients of a classic. Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone teams up once again after seeing their on-screen romance in Crazy, Stupid, Love. Josh Brolin who recently appeared in Men in Black III in 2012 definitely fit Sergeant O’Mara’s tough character.

Overall Gangster Squad is makings of another classic gangster film that has violence tone reminding us how it was difficult back then in America. The film gets 4 out 5 stars rating for its unique twist and being true to its content with great performance by an ensemble cast.

It’s great to watch the action and layers of each characters play the role that definitely a good film to see which will be shown on January 30, 2013 from Warner Bros. Pictures.

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