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01.09.2013 – Life of Pi has been the movie to talk about the start of the New Year. It’s critically acclaimed that there has been a lot of parodied images being shared on the social media. The Philippines got a bit late due to the annual Metro Manila Film Festival.

The press media premiere happened during Sunday and the first people to see it was astounded by its visuals as well as how great the story balanced everything. Ang Lee is back after a long absence from these types of films and he deserves a Golden Globe or even an Academy nomination for this.

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The promotion says it will be “the next Avatar” but that’s a different film in that particular year it first came out. There shouldn’t be any comparison to another film which is why Life of Pi gives you a different perspective to a rarely defined art film. This is where Ang Lee’s masterful direction defined this film unique. For those who was astounded by the film’s interesting story its actually based on a novel by the same title by Yann Martel that first came out in 2001.

What makes the film stand out is the cast is not “too recognizable” and kept the level of the characters too grounded led my Bollywood’s newcomer in Suraj Sharma as the young Pi Tael as well as Infan Khan as the adult who would tell his life story to Rafe Spall only known as “the writer” in the film. The only personality playing the chef in the film that some would remember is French actor Gerard Depardieu.

The cinematography and the illusion would definitely give you something to remember as the perspective begins with the story how Pi (pronounced as “Pie” a mathematical symbol) grew up up to the part where on how the character endured. Life of Pi is a large canvass of perspectives that gives you certain illusions that you thought it was real but it’s actually not. Your attention is focused in the progress of the film from the beginning up to the end as Ang Lee let the cameras roll. There was A LOT of visual effects used as well as companies who were challenged in bringing this to the big screen that some would like to see it all over again. All the previous challenges done in making digital creatures has been incorporate in this film in bringing the tiger known as Richard Parker.

Everything has come together to bring a dramatic tale of the enduring life of Pi Patel through his stories with the writer it was something more than just a rollercoaster ride. It was a film that brought a lot of perspectives to the table.

In this movie you live in the story of Pi Patel and open your eyes to a different kind of story telling that Ang Lee is most familiar with. There was a lot of criticism mostly says that the film would fail due to not having such big stars attached to connect with movie goers but eventually its was critically acclaimed and commercially success for just being true to what it was based for. You will know who really appreciates movies that doesn’t need too much hype or even the fanfare of the mainstream viewing populace it only needs a good story and with the visuals of Ang Lee to make it worth a second trip to the cinema with everyone would definitely agree.

Overall Life of Pi is an inspiration for those who are looking for something different, independent, fresh and unique that definitely stands out with a rating of a perfect five stars all you need is the power or word of mouth with a deep appreciation that this film deserves award nominations to be remembered.

Now showing in 3D in cinemas nationwide from 20th Century Fox to be distributed in the Philippines from Warner Bros. Pictures!

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